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Spring Break Rules

Spring Break Schedule

Spring Break has been completed for 2018!  Please stay tuned about information for the key 2019 Spring Breach dates


During Spring Breach, each person accessing the beach through the HOA access points must have a wrist band. For any guest renting your house, wristbands may be obtained from the vacation management rental company.  If you are staying at your house or are independently renting your house, please contact First Service Residential to obtain your wrist bands.  Wrist bands will be provided for up to the number of people your house sleeps.  If you need replacement wrist bands, you may be charged for them at the HOA's then current fee for extra wrist bands.   


The South Walton sheriff's department patrols the beach on a regular basis during Spring Break.  They have zero tolerance for underage drinking or for public intoxication.  


Each Spring Break inevitably, rental guests are evicted from their vacation rental due to egregious violation of the noise ordinance.  There is zero tolerance.  While we very much want everyone to enjoy themselves, please don't be that group!  If your music is audible beyond your property line after 10 pm, you are in violation.  We want you to enjoy your stay at Frangista Beach, but be aware of other residents' and guests' rights to a wonderful vacation.  

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